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Accelerate your GST journey with Vayana Network’s one-stop solution which integrates technology, implementation and compliance for your business to be GST optmized.

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Countdown to GST Rollout

2017/07/01 09:38:50

About Us

GSTN Approved and authorized

Vayana Network is an approved GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) and is authorised to connect to GSTN using the published APIs.

Delivers end to end support

Our GST solutions provide secure, scalable and robust technology solutions and end-to-end support in GST implementation and compliance.

Powers efficient processes

Our esteemed ASP Partners will ensure efficient processing of transaction data, effective reconciliation and appropriate and timely tax credits by helping taxpayers identify and work through the GST implications, assuring GST optimized business continuity.

Vayana Network GSP connecting you to GSTN

GST Readiness Index – You are GST Ready if you can

Complete compliance obligations

Meet tight timeline

Have right knowledge and technology

Adapt to new taxation system and processes quickly

GST Challenges

Implementation of GST is a significant tax reform in the fiscal history of India.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) rollout on 1 July 2017 will mark the beginning of a new tax regime leading to remarkable transformation and greater transparency, at the cost of few challenges

Existing policies to GST policies

New GST rules require the taxpayer to register their businesses state wise and be compliant

Long term Vendor contracts

Carrying along the un-organized vendors into the GST regime is a risky affair

Transfer of Credits

Businesses must have proper documentation, trails in place to establish the claim of the credit at a later date during audits

Dual Domain Knowledge

Integration of domain knowledge in both tax and technology is required to make sure the transition smooth and easy.

Time constraint

With only few months allotted for transition, taxpayers are under huge pressure to get their businesses GST ready.

Obtaining state wise registration and compliance

New GST rules require the taxpayer to register their businesses state wise and be compliant

In-house manpower limitations

Would require additional manpower for completing tasks under GST rules

IT system configurations

Present ERP systems or Accounting software need to be configured and integrated with.

Transactional Restructuring

Repricing of supplies is required considering seamless credits

GST is still in an evolving stage and will have many changes and developments

A real-time transaction-level reporting will replace the legacy system of monthly reporting of transactions

Uploading data should be at transactional level and reconciliation of data needs to be at invoice level.

Taxpayers will need to engage with the tax authorities on multiple dates in a month, unlike the existing monthly aggregated filing

Taxpayers will need to complete the compliance cycle within 10 calendar days

It will be crucial for taxpayers to choose a GSP Partner who can keep up with these developments to ensure business continuity and GST optimisation.

Choosing the right partner is half the work done

Our Solutions

Key concerns

I manage Business

I manage IT

I manage Tax

How can I ensure business continuity and compliance till everything stabilizes?

Will my data be secure? Will there be any issues with automation? What about scalability?

How can I smoothly run tax filing tasks without worrying about adapting to new technology?

Cross Sector Expertise, Cost Effective

Scalable, Highly secure, reliable and efficient

Flexible, robust, User Friendly

How Vayana Network addresses your need

  • Intelligent solution developed to serve every industry for specific needs to be met
  • Ability to adapt to changing taxation rules of GSTN
  • Reduction in working capital blockage
  • Optimal cost of compliance
  • Minimum overhead costs of system maintenance and administration
  • Transparency in delivery and billing
  • Secure solution hosted on cloud
  • Reliable as large data volume handling capacity is assured
  • Highly scalable ensuring 24×7 up time
  • End-to-end encryption of data during transit and at rest
  • Multiple ASP partners ensuring efficiency and GST readiness
  • No additional hardware or software investments
  • Flexible integration with existing Accounting software or ERP system
  • Expertise in invoice matching and reconciliation
  • User friendly interface to ensure smooth day to day activities
  • Helps with corrective action before submission of returns
  • Additional checks providing assurance on completeness of the data uploaded on GSTN
  • Reduces time required for tax filing activities

Why Vayana Network?

Market leader in trade financing solutions

  • Largest third-party platform in the trade financing space in India
  • Cater to the entire spectrum Large or Medium or Small Enterprise, Software Solutions Provider, Tax Consultants
  • Experience in invoice matching a strong reason to get empaneled as a GSP by GSTN

Domain expertise in taxation and technology

  • Trusted brand with advance and proven IT expertise
  • Cross-sector knowledge useful for GST implementation
  • Tried and tested methodologies for implementation and compliance
  • Scalable, highly secure, reliable and efficient
  • ISO 27001:2013 certified and PCIDSS compliant

Ease of doing business and sustainability

  • User-friendly interface and functionalities
  • Saves resource cost
  • Provides additional value added features
  • Cost effective
  • Transparency in delivery and billing

How to get started now if you have not already

  • Assess where your business is, analyse the impact of GST on your business
  • Enable basic technology platform for Invoicing in GST supported formats
  • Remember the end game is sustainable compliance in the longer term
  • Go for transition planning
  • Understand system changes and updates always take time
  • Implement basic technology platform for Invoicing in GST supported formats
  • Identify the ASP & GSP to work
  • Test run to see everything works before final rollout

Role of Technology in GST Compliance

  • GST compliance not only requires legal but also technical compliance
  • Technology will be the backbone of GST in determining tax, filing returns and reporting and analysis
  • Technology play a major role in reducing tax evasion
  • Using right technology efficiently will be crucial for small businesses
  • Post GST implementation, use of technology will increase extensively
  • Enterprises should utilize an application that is robust, efficient and secure
  • Minimal infrastructure required for any small business includes
    • Personal Computer
    • Internet Connection
    • Ability to record invoice in Excel
    • Subscription to ASP & GSP

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