Vayana’s GST Solutions

Vayana Network has been at the forefront of B2B Trade Digitization and is well placed to help Corporates and their Supply Chains to meet their GST needs. Vayana’s pre-GST Return invoice confirmation and acceptance service (VICAS) will simplify the compliance process for the entire Supply Chain for preparation and filing. Vayana has also teamed up with the leading players in Indirect Taxation to offer ASP solution for Corporates. Vayana’s role as a GSP and its ability to digitize and reconcile trade data at source enables it to cater to each individual member’s GST needs. Enterprises need no change in processes or investment in technology to access the Network. Vayana’s GST solutions are fully secure, PCI-DSS compliant and ISO-27001 certified.

Vayana’s solution offerings include:


Vayana Advantage 
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